Production Ready Art
All quotations and bids developed and issued by Island Sign Works using the customer’s own art assume production-ready artwork files. Artwork is considered “production-ready” if it meets the following criteria:

  • Vector artwork from a current/recent version of a major application, i.e. Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc., and using a common vector artwork file format (.ai, .eps, .pdf, etc). Microsoft Publisher files will not be accepted. Raster/bitmap images are generally not production-ready for any use other than digital photo prints, because we cannot scale them or use them with our production systems to fabricate your job. Exceptions for photographic logos or artwork including photos.
  • Embroidery stitch files must be pre-tested and delivered in a common embroidery file format (.SEW, .JEF, .HUS, .PES, .PEC, .PCS, .PCD, .PCQ, .CSD, .EMX, .ARX, .BRO, .PCH, .PUM, .PMU, .STC, .STX) to be considered “production ready.” Note that .JEF, .HUS, .PES and PEC files are preferred. Stitch files that are not optimized for volume production may incur some cleanup labor or production surcharges at the discretion of the production manager.
  • Fonts must be converted to outlines, or the artwork submission must include TrueType font family files usable on Mac or Windows PCs (see below regarding copyright and permissions).
  • Uses standard paint, vinyl, coroplast, ink, thread, or other colors identified using color chips (available from us by request).
  • Does not contain excessive layers, overlapping figures, or other elements which must be resolved or cleaned up.
  • Does not require unnecessarily/unusually large file sizes not easily manageable on contemporary equipment.
  • Artwork does not include images, logos, or other elements for which the customer does not obtain permissions or copyright to reproduce.
  • Artwork contains proof-read copy. We will make every attempt to proofread customer-supplied artwork for spelling or grammatical errors, however we take no responsibility for errors in customer’s own artwork. Proofs of all artwork will be sent for your sign-off prior to starting fabrication.
  • The artwork is provided to us via our Request a Quote page (under 10MB), via online/cloud storage, or using media readily openable on contemporary equipment. Acceptable formats include USB/Flash drives, external hard drives, solid state drives, DVD or CD-R. Floppy disks will not be accepted.

Note on Color Matching
Many companies have identified Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors in their logos and branding. We will make every effort to match to numbered PMS colors. Our RIP software will convert PMS and spot colors automatically, however color matching cannot be guaranteed due to variations in print quality/color density and differences in media substrates. For more reliable results, we encourage all designers to use the Roland swatch libraries during design. Contact us and we’ll email you the Roland Swatch Files at no cost (Adobe CS5 or later required). A printed poster and/or chain set of the Roland swatches on various media substrates can also be provided by request.

Labor Charges
Any additional labor required to convert/clean up artwork to get it production-ready will be billed at $50.00/hour and may delay your completion date. We reserve the right to revise all proposals and bids based on the quality of artwork provided. Custom paint mixing or sourcing non-standard materials to match colors may also be billed hourly at the production manager’s discretion. When the customer is lacking design artwork, Island Sign Works designer time is billable at $50.00/hr for creating new logos, artwork, and designs, and will be established in advance for each project.

Intellectual Property
Our standard notice to proceed gives Island Sign Works and it’s partner companies limited license to work with the client’s intellectual property, including but not limited to registered logos, signature marks, and other protected IP assets. Clients providing artwork containing another company’s recognizable logos, emblems, slogans, fonts, or other copyrightable/trademarked intellectual property of any 3rd-party entity may be asked to provide proof of permissions prior to starting production. Island Sign Works accepts no responsibility for violations of copyrighted or trademarked artwork, images, fonts, etc. committed under the direction of a client. The responsibility for obtaining licenses and permissions rests solely the client. We will not scan, convert, or in any way alter or manipulate a 3rd party organization’s registered, trademarked logo, emblem, or slogan without written consent from the original owner or designated licensee.

If you are unclear about artwork permissions, Stanford University has kindly published an informative article on artwork permissions, including what constitutes fair use, how to determine if permission is required, and what steps must be taken to maintain compliance with intellectual property laws. When in doubt, always consult a legal expert!

We reserve the right to refuse artwork containing nudity, pornographic scenes, images depicting violence, hate-crimes/hate speech, excessively foul language, criminal activities, or any work we deem in poor taste. Images depicting illegal activities may be turned over to law enforcement officials.

Except in very rare circumstances (see above RE: law enforcement), we maintain strict confidentiality about our client’s artwork and materials. Our standard proposal includes a two-way non-disclosure agreement designed to protect your privacy and also our business practices. Island Sign Works staff will never share your artwork files with a 3rd party without your written consent, and we ask you to do the same with our materials.

Island Sign Works and it’s owners and assigns reserve the right to include images of your in-progress and/or completed project in our portfolio for our own marketing and promotional purposes unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

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